The "Watch" option not available on recordings

Discussion created by soso406 on Jan 11, 2018

Same problem mentioned in Cant watch a recording once recording has completed (with screenshot) 

This happened to me twice in the past two days. One was the Simpsons on Sunday and one was Jeopardy and The Middle today. With the Simpsons, I caught it and recorded the one aired later that evening. When I check the next day, there were two episodes and both were available for watching so it fixed itself overnight. With today’s Jeopardy, since I caught it too late, there was no later episode I can’t record another one. mark_vse I tried exit out and come back, switch tab and come back but nothing work, I ended up had to unplug the unit and powered it up again and the Watch option became available. All these episodes were recorded on time shift channels at earlier times, not sure if that might cause the issue but for sure there is a bug somewhere.