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How to recover an external hard drive

Question asked by baldy88 on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by kevinds

I added a 2TB eSATA drive to my Gateway several years ago and it worked well. Once I inadvertantly disconnected the drive and got a no no with instructions to dismount the drive in the menu first. However, after some time the Gateway recovered all of the recorded programs. In the repeated power outages in the recent ice storm the external drive has not recovered but just keeps blinking like it is searching. The internal hard drive on the Gateway still works with no problem.

I hooked the drive up to my computer via the USB connection in the hopes that I could reformat it but it came up with the message that the drive was owned by the Gateway (my email address) and I could not access it. I can understand that this is to prevent copying and distributing programs but I would hate to just turf the drive if I could just reformat and start from scratch. SUGGESTION!

Regards, Keith