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Preset Recordings not actually recording

Question asked by hunniehbabieh1990 on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by shaw-ken

I recently updated my system to Bluesky due to my sister coming to live with us who is legally blind. As i will be starting back to work this month i wanted her to be able to control what she listened to without memorizing a million buttons. The voice option to change channels as well as the larger buttons drew uu to this new system.

I know it takes time to get use to a new system so i have been trying to be patient but after a week it is driving me crazy. 

When i click to record a show it gives the option of just that episode or the whole series. I click the whole series and depending on the show i make sure to set the proper options of either new or new and repeats. My problem is that it doesn't actually set the recordings. I have now had numerous times that i have had to look through the whole guide to make sure my shows are actually going to record even though they are set to. Again i had to press record and the only way it would record that show at that time was to click "this episode only" even though the series was already preset it refused to record it. 

My old PVR had many recorded cartoons for the kids and i have been trying to build that up again. The issue is it records only 1/4 of what it is set it. I.e. Mickey mouse Clubhouse was set to record all episodes including repeats. After a week of noticing it had only recorded 3 i went in and saw that its only presetting to record a random one every few days even though its on daily. 

Is this just a malfunction in my machine itself or is this an ongoing glitch that is being fixed at some point? Am i using the remote wrong?