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DPC3848V Latency Spikes

Question asked by adamh on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by adamh

Regarding the Puma 6 issues....


This has been an problem for a long time. I understand that Shaw doesn't make the the hardware for these machines, but if Shaw isn't going to implement a fix via a firmware upgrade, are we going to get a hardware upgrade that will fix this? Is there a firmware upgrade in progress? Looking on this forum regarding a firmware fix, I'm seeing threads about this back from late 2016 and the answer was consistently: "We're working on it".

I ditched Sasktel for the 150 promo because real-time online games were kinda laggy, but honestly these spikes with Shaw are driving me mad. It's incredibly frustrating to be paying top-dollar for an internet connection and you can't use it for what the intended purpose is.


I can guarantee I'll be leaving Shaw if these issues aren't resolved when the 2-year expires in November for me.