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Why does Shaw take pics of my Webmails?

Question asked by himmit on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by mbir

I noticed that Shaw takes 3 pictures of each Wmail I open via WEB-mail ( 
I asked phone support people, and of the 4 that said they would find out and get back to me, one finally did, and told me that "Yes, Shaw does take pictures of your email [sic], but the dev team won't say why."
I wrote the Shaw office in Calgary, but that was 45 days ago and am awaiting a response - still. I think, like the other 3 tries at an answer, is just going to be ignored.


The process Shaw uses is called "Canvas Fingerprinting" and is known as one of the most invasive, nefarious and underhanded and sneaky in-your-face Stalkers on the Internet (AKA tracker), yet companies use it anyway.


I found it hard to believe that Shaw needs to resort to Stalking users through their mail and at first, through it was Google Chrome doing it, but Fire Fox, and Opera picked up on it as well.


Of note, is that so far as I can tell, Shaw has not been able to so when we use a email client like Thunderbird, and can only, I assume, use the stalker inside WEB mail using the HTML 5 layer via a browser. The part that worries me about this is that the tech I spoke with @shaw also informed me that Shaw is preferring we start using Webmail instead of email clients. 


This is NOT concrete. I am only referencing what I discovered, and was told and am looking for answers. 


Would an @shaw techie be able to reason out and explain why Shaw is Stalking our wmail?




Himmit - today's politically correct version of a Hermit.

p.s. I mean no disrespect to Shaw and am confident they have a valid reason - and since it's my content, I should know why it's photographed.