Very poor service

Discussion created by gamagamatsu on Feb 2, 2018
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My service had been disrupted due to my own fault as I was under the assumption that I had 6 months free service for entering into a 2year contract. Obviously I did not and my service was suspended. The last two days I have been trying to get it restored.Day one the customer service rep informed me that Shaw would email me to keep me informed. The email is just like my service restoration as neither one happened. Day two went much the same. Later on in the evning I found myself waiting on live chat yet again only for the very rude Lisa 2300 to tell me that either a Tech has to come fix it or I have to do it. Either of this is possible as it is a second dwelling that I have tenants occupying who depend on these services.I have two packages from Shaw that is $200 dollars combined for a month but Lisa 2300 thinks nothing of this. Lisa tells me in a nice way it’s your fault you didn’t pay the bill and you only have two choices to fix it. I really don’t believe my service cannot be restored on their may be my fault for misunderstanding at the time of ordering this service but it will be Lisa 2300’s fault that I take my $200 plus dollars a month to Telus. I have the screen shots of this wonderful customer service representative.