Guide is too slow and takes forever to delete PVR Recordings

Discussion created by paulanderin on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by shaw-lance

The title says it all.  The guide is so slow that I don't even want to search for anything to watch.  The on-demand menus are so tedious that I would never consider even looking to see what is available.   When I watch my recordings it takes 30 seconds before I can select the "yes, delete" option.  These problems have been issues for years and there is no sign of an update that will fix it.  I would consider "the future is Bluesky" but the Gateway product gives me no hope that Bluesky will be any better.  Certainly if there are any "bugs" with Bluesky I would expect that they would never be resolved as is the case with what seems to be the dead and ignored Gateway.