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How can I get Call Blocking to block invalid numbers?

Question asked by keithstvital on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by kevinds

Hi, I'm a heavy user of the Call Blocking feature.  I got a lot of nuisance calls, and I found using Call Blocking cuts down the number quite a bit.


However I'm regularly hitting my 32 number limit.  I clear out the list when I hit the limit, but it fills back up again in a couple of months.


And I'm an IT professional.


My question: 


Why won't Shaw Management create a project so that your Call Blocking system can be programmed to block calls with invalid numbers?


I just got a call where the first digit is actually the letter V.  I've had calls for area codes that don't exist.


What gives?  I've seen posts here where the Shaw rep claims the number is being spoofed behind the scenes, but I think they misunderstand phone number spoofing.  Phone number spoofing is where you call from one number but transmit another number for display on the phone.


In this case I want Call Blocking to do what it does, and block by the number transmitted to my phone for display.


If the first 3 characters are not a possible area code AND the first 5 or 6 characters are not a valid country code, block the call.


Would Shaw Management please fund a project to do this?