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Keep lost internet with Hitron Modem

Question asked by kspalsam on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by shaw-lance

I have got Internet 150 since Dec. 2016 and it works fine but I suddenly have a problem.
It happened a couple of months ago.
One day my Internet was stopped so I restarted my modem and then it worked fine but it happened again next day.
I kept restarting modem for a week so I pressed reset button to reset it.
Reset looked working for a few days but I lost Internet again.

I called support centre and one of tech. came to my house a few days ago and he checked all cable.
And he also changed cable connector and modem too.
But it didn't woek next day so I reset the modem again.
However it didn't work and one of Shaw tech came to my house this morning and he said it happened because I put modem at basement(I don't think but may be???).
He recommended to move it to main floor but I couldn't.
He changed one of connector again and said it wouldn't be happeded again.
When I came home for lunch the Internet wasn't working so I did chatting on Shaw Website at my work place.
The representative said my modem is online and looks fine on his site and he restarted my modem.
Now it works because he restarted it and he said I can call again when it's not working.
He can't do anything because it's working now.

I think it may not work again sooner or later.

Is there any solution for this situation?

When I search on the Internet my Hitron modem may be problem.(I am not sure)
Can I try with new modem(not refurbish or used one) if Shaw can provide one?

Can someone please let me know any solution for this situation?