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I just need to vent a bit. I moved over the weekend and had Shaw come Monday to transfer the cable modem and 2 bluesky boxes and 3 portals to the new house. Tech showed up at 2:45 and sent out the email initiating the transfer of equipment to the new address. It unfortunately was a tough wiring job for him but we were done by 5:30 or so. All the lines run and boxes hooked up. Cable modem is still cycling though. So he sends some more emails and makes a few calls. Finally around 6 he calls the on call supervisor who calls someone for him. The request is still in the queue. Over 3 hours later and they still haven't transferred the equipment. Supervisor tells him to leave as he has other calls. I totally understand that. Tech did all he could and did a great job. Tech says he'll call me when he gets any word. Get a call around 9 that things should be working. Cable modem is indeed working but only 1 bluesky box and portal are. Other bluesky box and 2 portals are not. So Tuesday morning do a chat session with shaw. The tech tries a few things and says something got messed up and he needs to send a tech out to fix it. So appointment for this morning tech shows up tests the lines and says everything is physically fine and there is nothing he can do. It needs to be fixed at the office end. So I call support tonight and explain the whole thing and the up shoot is that no a tech did not need to come out it is a problem on the office end and that they are working to fix it. Over 48 hours later and still no cable on 3 of my boxes and no estimate as to when it will get fixed. Just were working on it. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. It was a move. Only 5 minutes from the old house. Nothing changed. All they had to do was transfer the equipment. If this the level of service it is making me regret having just signed a 2 year contract for BlueSky and Internet 150. What exactly am I paying for here? So frustrated!