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Portal Not Responding

Question asked by qmuzikdirektor on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by chris5486

Yesterday, the BlueSky portal in our bedroom, on which the blue light was on continuously, was not responding when "TV" was selected on the remote, so I unplugged the portal power and plugged it back in, whereupon it responded to the remote properly. Jason on Shaw Twitter help advised me that the light staying on is expected behavior, but after ending my TV session, I noticed that it had gone out. I updated Jason on that and he said he didn't think that's how it should be, and was going to look into it further.


This morning, the portal light was still out, and when I selected "TV" on the remote, it was again turning on the TV but not the portal, so I unplugged/plugged the portal again and got a flashing blue light on the portal but no signal to the TV. I figured it might have become unpaired, so I went through the pairing procedure, but of course couldn't see a code on the TV to enter on the remote. When I came out to the living room, the TV there, which is attached to the BlueSky DVR, was waiting for a pairing code. I elected to skip that, and the living room remote continued to operate normally.


The bedroom portal light is now out and it will still not respond to the remote. Ideas?