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Too weak and/or too strong signal

Question asked by samanehnavid on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by shaw-lance

We have Internet 150 and BlueSky TV on a 2-year contract, and since moved to our new house we had 3 technicians from Shaw, and 3 outages for 3-5 days each within 2 weeks!

The incoming signal has been too weak and too strong I've been told, and one technical installed signal amplifier, while the other took it away and managed to work for 1-2 days and all services went down again.


The modem Upstream/Downstream lights are constantly changing from Blue to Green to blinking, and once it gets to blinking, everything is down, and we have to ask for the next technician!


We are in deep west Calgary, a single home. Does anybody know how we can investigate this further?