Problem adding a new portal...

Discussion created by cneufeld on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by shaw-don

So I picked up a portal from someone who had upgraded.  Plug it into a cable outlet that was working fine with a different portal, and get nothing.  Called support, they supposedly went through whatever was required to make sure the unit was available on my account (gave them the serial number off the new portal).  Still nothing.  The fact that there's no MOCA light coming on the front panel was as far as their troubleshooting got.  Set up a service call that will ding me $100 to have the tech come out.

So I'm trying to figure this out on my own before the tech comes out...  Took the new portal downstairs, and disconnected a functioning portal, plugged in the new one.  Still nothing.  Plug in the old portal again, it works fine.  So it doesn't seem to be a network issue or anything.  Either the portal is dead or it's not connecting to the gateway for some reason.


Thoughts?  Do I need to do anything on my gateway box to get it to allow the new portal to connect?