Hitron problem or WIFI card?

Discussion created by jeff69 on Feb 28, 2018
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Since getting Shaw Blusky/150 I've had good speeds with my WIFI PC via 5G. (I should, the modem is in the next room). My typical DSL Report would be in the 170 MB/s range. But last week I started getting reduced WIFI speed in the 100 to 120 range, which isn't bad but it's not what I'm paying for. (I'm still getting 5 bars by the way)


Now if I connect a long network cable from my WIFI PC to the modem in the next room, I'm getting in the 170 MB/s range. So it's not an outside issue, and it's not a WIFI range issue, since I'm still getting 5 bars.


The first time it started happening, I would cycle the power on the modem and my WIFI speed would be back to normal, but only for a short time. Now when I cycle the power, the speed doesn't improve.


Anyway. I'm wondering if the modem can malfunction like this. Generally (as far as I know) when WIFI speed issues occur it's because the signal diminishes. But in my case the signal is fine.