Southern Winnipeg has speed issues Shaw

Discussion created by yuno-gamer on Mar 2, 2018
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Richmond west/South Pointe, maybe Bridgewater Forest as well, has awful speed issues since the last few days (pretty much since your last Winnipeg "maintenance"), but over the last 20 hrs its pathetic, 20-25mbps out of my 150. Upload is a little jittery so its clearly affected, but mostly fine its near 15mbps. Latency can range from being fine but slow, to unusable bufferbloat and still slow.


We have multiple customers in the house with their own plans, all are affected. Others in this area also affected.. the obvious has been done so please don't push it down my throat, modem restarts, router restarts, connecting to modem directly etc, all are done & do nothing. Even connecting to a PC on another line, thats in the same house, has pitiful response times, not so much high latency, but dropped packets. My first hop is & thats all that stands between me & the other line, or anyone else in this area on the same node & the issue is starting at the first hop. Lots of dropped packets tracing to ANYWHERE, even Shaw's own speedtest, which also gives the same low speed, the speed is terrible on every connection everywhere, meaning the problem is early in the routing system, im talking local area early.


Someone check it, detecting theres an issue around this area should be impossible to miss.