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HITRON problems

Question asked by dodgehemi on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by shaw-eva

Ok  I have had my Facebook drop off for some time now. Never get to where I left off the day before. Never thought much about it.  Now I just spent 9 hours and 2 days trying to link to a  Home baby monitor.  On reviews of it most say it is so easy to set up.  I tried everything they suggested.  It must be on 2.4 not 5 G to link. I set my I phone to  2.4.  Goes through all the motions but wont link.  Now I am finding out that these new Hitron   modems on 150 service  have major problems.  Like a dumb ass I shipped the monitor  back to Amazon today. I was over at my sons house and he has the Shaw 150 but a Motorola Modem.  Wished I had taken baby  monitor web cam over there and tried to link it. They have one that works perfect.  Any one else have these issues. Tomorrow I am going to use desk top for my Facebook and see if it  drops service like my lap top does. Wife uses the desk top for hers and says no problem.