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Series recording problem

Question asked by scarma on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by matthewbpohl

We just moved from the Gateway to BlueSky. On the Gateway, we recorded The National once a night off of CBC News Network. It was set to record new episodes only, and to only save one episode. That way, only the most recent airing would be on the PVR.


I set up the same recording on the BlueSky PVR, but it's not working. First off, instead of recording only the first airing every night, it records all of them (The National airs 4 times between 7 and midnight). And then, keeps them all. It doesn't remove the 7PM airing when the 9PM airing comes on (and so forth), in other words.


It looks like the schedule is identifying every airing as a "new episode", even though they are all the same. Not sure why this would have changed with the BlueSky guide, but it has. Is there some way this can be fixed? Or alternately, can the PVR be manually set to record one particular airing at a certain time (7-8) every weeknight? I don't see any option for this.