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Not sure how to deal with overdue account?

Question asked by ptorrent on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by shaw-harvey

I'm unsure what I should do. A while ago I had shaw internet. I was moving and tried to get shaw to pick up my router as part of their moving service and they said they wouldn't. They also overcharged me for a bill and I had no money when I moved so I couldn't pay the final bill. I went on my online account to pay it a couple months later and my account had been locked. Didn't know what to do at this point as I have a disability that makes it very difficult for me to make phone calls. The issue ended up falling to the wayside. Now I'm getting phone calls and automated messages multiple times a day from some thing called NCO Financial claiming to be calling about a shaw debt. I have read that this company is a scam and shouldn't be dealt with. I am trying to figure out of this is legit. Does shaw pass off their debts to NCO Financial? Very confused about what to do.