Incorrect Contract from Shaw

Discussion created by frustratedwithshaw on Feb 21, 2018
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I just spent 2 hours today and a couple of extra phone calls yesterday and the day before after I was promised certain terms and conditions for an upgraded service with BlueSky and Internet 150. First, the salesperson on the phone (they called me) made claims that were then not contained in the confirmation email. He called back and apologized and said the correct information would be sent out. This morning I received the contract and it was for a much higher price than what was agreed upon. 

After 4 calls (one over an hour long), they basically said that they cannot give me the correct amount on the contract and the only options are to cancel the contract and the installation (after rescheduling our day today for the install) and enter into a new, correct contract. 
Or I could just accept the incorrect contract at a much higher price. 


Way to go Shaw!!!!!


Great job, Loyalty Team!!!!


Telus loves you!!!


I don't!!!