Internet 150 only reporting 30 download via speedtest

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Hi so here is my issue.

I recently moved into a new home (approx. 2600sqft). I decided to upgrade my internet package and go for the 150, picked up my new Hitron and set it up myself (electronically knowledgeable and inclined).

In this house, even though brand new, could I expect Ethernet plates? Nope...wi-fi it is then...

My absolute primary setup is my TV and set top box, this is where the video streaming is done for the most part.


I connected it all, enjoyed my internet for a couple months, no problems...until I decided to actually test my connection due some interruptions consistent with weak network speeds.

Well as you know, everything is connected via wi-fi and using the 5gz band where applicable (primarily the tv setup that is located just a few feet away from the modem). At this point, the set top box was a Roku and I had no way to test the speed it was receiving.

My android phone is also connected via 5gz so I gave Speedtest a run.

To my shock, it was registering a peak of 30 download (should at least be getting 90+ even with traffic in the area), but a consistent peak of 15-16+ upload (which was expected as that's what I pay for and it's upload).


I go into router settings to see if anything is looking odd, nope, didn't touch a thing during setup other than naming the two bands and creating a password.

I exit, and run Speedtest again. Well now it seems to have fixed itself, same test, same location, same device, showing 177download and again around 16 upload. I feel proud of my magical powers at this point and continue on my day.

Approx an hour later, I get curious, run the test again, bam...back down to 30/16, and ironically while watching the test, that needle looks like it really wants to break past that 30 point but can't.

I disconnect power to modem, connect again, and run test, "fixed itself" again, neat, but worrisome...

I wait about 20 mins, run it again, and bam, back to 30/16.


I get very frustrated at this point, call shaw, wait a few days for a tech to come out, we chat, he determines that I am fortunately not ignorant lol...and we do most of our problem solving with communication. He checks exterior of house, access point across the street, has no idea what it could be. He replaces the cable going from the wall to the box (both knew it wasn't likely to solve anything). But what else was there?


So he whips out his iphone, runs speedtest from same location via app and physical in the house, gets the good numbers. I explain to him, that was always the case during initial connection. He waits around and we chat about guitars and stuff, we then run the test again from his phone, same good numbers.


He notices I am on an android phone, assume possibly firmware or incompatibility of some sort. I shrug and have no idea what else it could be, thank him for his assistance and carry on my life.


I recently upgraded my set top box from Roku to the Nvidia shield, I run speedtest via the app from my shield...and bam back comes those 30/16 numbers. I disconnect it from the network (as I did from my phone before), reconnect, yay good numbers again 170+/16+. Then 15 mins later, back down to sub 30...


I have no idea what is going on guys...

I have no hard wire connection to test yet, will be running it today to my shield through the wall because it's simply ideal anyway.

But let's say that the hard wired connection works fine...Well what about my wi-fi? Everything else in the home is connected via wi-fi and I need to get this issue resolved...


I read through google research that the Hitron modem does have firmware issues as did it's cisco counterpart prior. But as far as my problem, with a constant drop to 27-30 from 170+...there isn't anyone out there posting similar issues. Just complete disconnects, never been my problem.

I have no idea at this point...!


As a desperate measure, I set 5gz to ac only and went to the 20mhz bandwidth as it's located right next to my setup.

Still reads the same exact issue from day one...


I should also note that I have already exchanged the modem and the new one is doing the exact same thing...


Thanks for any help