Setting up the new XB6 Modem - Slow  internet speed XB6 Modem

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- Setting up the New XB6 Modem -


When setting up the modem, the username is admin and the password is password ( *** not the default password that is underneath the modem ***).

If you are experiencing slow internet speed issue, disable moca by login into your modem and going to connection/Moca/disable.

If you are still experiencing slow internet speed and are using Avast antivirus, uninstall Avast.


After you switch to a different antivirus, make sure that you do a manual widows update by going to setting/update/check for update. Windows 10 will automatically update your Windows 10 to recognize your newly selected antivirus.


You may also want to run a registry cleaner.

If you want to use an extender, the WPS on this modem has been disabled however you can log into the modem and go to connected devices/ Range extender. Once it has been turned on, your extender should appear in this list.


Hope this help. Please feel free to comment.


Al Roy