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No B.C. Channels mapped in HD

Question asked by lohnesb on Mar 5, 2018

With the regard to HD channels:  Here in Lillooet, Shaw cable recently contacted me (Dec. 2017) with a great offer so I made the switch after 18 years with Bell satellite.  I was amazed to discover that not a single B.C. based channel is mapped in HD.   The Vancouver, Kelowna & Kamloops channels are all only in SD.  Even more puzzling is the fact that both the Toronto and Seattle affiliate networks are all mapped in HD plus a bunch of sport & specialty channels.  I have forwarded my observations and did speak with a very patient and helpful customer service member on March 1.  I am optimistic that I will soon hear why (in order to enjoy HD) I am currently forced to watch the Toronto Global affiliate due that not a single B.C. Global (or any other B.C. network) affiliate is available is HD.