Massive erratic upload speed streaming to Twitch

Discussion created by bwolfman on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by dvargus

I've read around the forums of others having similar issues streaming to Twitch via Shaw internet. It was working fine a few days ago and now I'm suddenly experiencing huge and erratic upload speed drops upon starting my stream.


Yes, I've read through a few threads here on the issue.

Yes, I know how to operate my PC and modem.

Yes, I've done speedtests, tracert's, etc.



I've attempted streaming at different times during the day and my upload jumps from 28kb/s to 4200kp/s randomly, this is not an issue with my PC, so I'd have to assume it's an issue with my Hitron CGNM-2250 Modem, a node connection issue, or an issue on Shaws end.


Any help is appreciated.