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Discussion created by ziggurcat on Mar 8, 2018
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Just have a question about port forwarding - for months, I have been having issues with receiving e-mails from Sony regarding their PlayStation services.  I get some e-mails from them like purchase confirmations, and I recently got a couple of other notifications from them, but I have signed up to receive their weekly newsletters, and I have never received a single one of them.  I have been in contact with them about this numerous times, and they keep blaming my internet (even though I don't seem to have any problems getting the purchase confirmations, which comes from the same e-mail as their newsletters).  I just got off of another chat session, and the person suggested that I opened some ports (he gave me a list of different numbers/types - some were TCP, others were UDP) to ensure that I receive everything okay.  I think it's an issue with their system, honestly, but I am willing to try anything to get the things I am signed up to receive from them (since it often comes with discount codes, etc... that I am currently missing out on)


Is this something I can do on my end by logging into my modem or is it something I have to contact Shaw in order to authorize?


Thanks in advance.


Edit: in the chat the person said to open the suggested ports he gave, but I am assuming he meant port forwarding...