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internet 75?

Question asked by mel998 on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by shaw-tony

I've slowly been watching my internet/cable bill increase (again) over the last several months.  As I am downloading bills to complete some accounting, I noticed a change in Internet service from Internet 30 to Internet 75 (without my consent or pre-approval).  What's this about ?  It contributes to an already high bill (from $154 a beginning of year, to now $167), and I have NO doubt, 2018 will bring about more increases.  

I have ZERO interest in continuously paying for higher internet and a cable or to continue for "network upgrades", when there is barely anything noticeably improved, and the SHAW wifi network that I'm supposedly able to access, is a consistent FAIL so I rely on my LTE cellular network.  

I'm going to have reconsider this service in its entirely, yet again, as I look back over previous years and Shaw is very good about having regular increases without any forewarning, and being pretty consistent and reliable in terms of ridiculous jumps in cost.