3510 PVR rarely records what it should

Discussion created by micraman on Mar 25, 2018
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Why does Shaw make it impossible to watch racing?


Because of all the problems I have had recording races on the Shaw network with my PVR, I have programmed it to record the race on multiple networks. I was just enjoying watching the F1 race in Australia, right up to 14 laps from the end, when both programs decided I’d seen enough. Even though the description claims that both events are 235 minutes long, one only recorded 1:19:19 and the other 1:21:19. It boggles the brain how this can even happen because I also have the PVR set to record an extra 120 minutes past the end of the program. Neither program even made it that far, so obviously that isn’t working either.


I used to follow at least 4 different race series but Shaw changed their programming, cutting 3. Indy racing is also programmed into my PVR but for some odd reason, it only decides to record about 3 races out of the entire season. It seems obvious that the CEOs at Shaw feel we should be getting outdoors more and not using their frustrating products; certainly not watching racing. Maybe I should delete the name of the race I was attempting to watch today, as I’m sure it will be the next to leave the network.


I pay a hell of a lot of money to barely ever see the programming I want. Do you think Shaw will ever get it right? I lost my faith in them the day they convinced me to purchase this PRV, as it would solve all the issues I was having with the last Shaw PVR I bought. Sadly, they could not have been further from the truth.


If I felt that this forum made any difference at all, I’d be on here nearly every day, instead of just coming on to vent the odd time.