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How do I get shaw cable to extend its services to my area if my area is extremly close to a region they currently service?

Question asked by austin1995 on Mar 26, 2018
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I live on Richfield Drive in Sturgeon County Alberta and Shaw services Pinnacle Point Sturgeon County Alberta which is just south of us (2-4km) and Noone near us passed that point up to highway 37 gets cable of any sort but everyone that lives here wants it because satellite internet is horrible and expensive in comparison to even the most expensive Shaw cable plan. Now a new subdivision is being built even closer to us than the one they already service and they will definately want cable aswell they'd be across the street like 1 km away. So my question remains how do I go about getting shaw to service my area? I can get signatures or do all kinds of things I just don't know where to send them or how to or where to request these services. Help would be appreciated most likely by everyone above pinnacle point to highway 37 because there's no downside to having functioning internet in 2018.