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Question asked by elsa on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by elsa

It's noted in the "news and free previews" section of the site that Teletoon and Retro Teletoon are available free as previews until April 3rd.  I seem to get the free preview for Teletoon Retro on channel 67, but am not getting the Teletoon preview on channel 38 in Victoria.  Is the free preview information on the web site incorrect?... or is Teletoon not on channel 38 per the channel listing anymore?

I'm in Victoria and it often seems to take me awhile to figure out what channel these free previews are on (and in some cases, I don't seem to get the channel at all in Victoria).


Can anyone else confirm if they are getting both channels 38 and 67 in Victoria as free previews?