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Reply to setting no longer works in Outlook with Shaw IMAP accounts

Question asked by brianmuir on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by brianmuir

We have three IMAP accounts with Shaw, and use Outlook 2013 as the email client.


All three have a reply to address set up (in accounts, change, more setting, general) with our corporate alias, which is redirected by our domain provider back to the corresponding address.


This all stopped working last week.


We contacted Shaw support about this issue and the last message we have received suggests that this is a configuration problem on our end.


We do not believe this is likely. The reply to system has worked on these accounts for years, and we have not changed settings. All three accounts experienced the same issue simultaneously.


I believe the SHAW IMAP server is no longer handling the reply to meta data properly. Perhaps this is a deliberate spam mitigation decision, but if so no one will tell us.


Can anyone shed light on this or make a test? it is a pretty serious issue as our firm wants to retain our corporate identity online and that is undermined when our clients see messages come in with instead of from If this cannot be resolved then we will be forced use a different mail provider.


thanks very much