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bluesky refuses to record program

Question asked by vincej on Apr 2, 2018
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Today is Monday 2nd April . So I Select "Beyond 100 Days" from the BBC starting at 11.59 am. This is a daily news report. I select record all, and keep all. 

I go to the future schedule expecting to see entries from Tues 3rd April. Nope - nothing. Only from Wed. 4th April. So, I double check on the guide that there is indeed an episode on Tues 3rd. Yes.  But my PVR refuses to pick it up.  Ok, so I try to force it to record tomorrow's episode by going to the guide and specifically selecting tomorrow's episode and specifying "this episode only".  Go to schedule - nope not there. 


I get the identical problem when attempting to record another series. "CNN tonight with Don Lemon". It refuses to record until Wed. 


So what is the problem ? 


Many thanks !