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Discussion created by rob88 on Apr 12, 2018
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Last week I changed my plan to a 2 year value plan. Everything was to remain the same, internet 150 and small tv just a guaranteed rate.

Since then its been one problem after another. I immediately started losing internet connection every minute or so. After talking to Shaw they suggested sending out a tech, which would be a week without internet. I suggested that I would change the hitron modem for another myself. I did and that solved the connection problem. Apparently I can't get the newer modem unless it's installed by a tech which seems silly but this is working so whatever.My small tv package got screwed up even though I changed nothing. I don't really care about the tv package so I'll live with it.


Now over a week later I find out that my primary shaw email has been deactivated. Who knows how many emails I've missed because of this. I talked to yet another shaw rep last night and was assured this would be a high priority and would be fixed asap. 24 hours later, its still not active.


In dealing with half a dozen Shaw reps over that last week, they were all pleasant and reasonably helpful but none of them follow up anything they promised. Before picking up my modem,the rep set a time to call me back to make sure it worked. No call.


I'm reasonably tech savvy, so no big deal, but I can't fix the email by myself.