Cloud Based PVR

Discussion created by rickatk on Apr 5, 2018
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After coming home to a frozen BlueSky system at our house we were faced with the prospect of losing all of our recorded shows and schedule. This happened twice before when using Gateway. Shaw technical support is still working on the problem and thus far we were able to salvage the recordings schedule but the shows appear to have been lost for the third time!


Frustrating / annoying elements:


In this time of cloud storage the whole idea of local storage (PVR) seems to be rather ancient and waste of time to me.

I am looking forward to the day when we won’t have to rely on PVR recordings and everything will be kept safe and secure in the cloud. No lost recordings because of a hardware failure.


We are in a time that the big companies are still trying to preserve their content from a competition perspective. No one is offering complete and unfettered cloud based solutions. There is always a catch. Shaw VOD shows limited libraries, Apple TV doesn’t offer live TV solutions. Offerings are only aviaible on certain platforms such as Free Range is not aviaible on Apple TV but runs well on a tablet.

I am confident that in time, these irritants will give way to consumer demand and we will see full and complete solutions such as 100% cloud based libraries, no need for PVRs and the presence of reliable streaming TV with excellent and fast search capabilities.


I understand the folks at Comcast(license holder for BlueSky) in the US are developing cloud based PVR technologies. I think this will go a long way in getting the recorded shows off local hardware. 


One more thing: Apparently BlueSky will allow archiving of the PVR recording schedule. This was the case in my recent situation. While we lost our recoded shows, at least the schedule was restored and immediately started recording shows once BlueSky was up and running again. Retaining the recording schedule is half the battle.


Thanks to Shaw the time credit adjustment on our account and free movies as a compensation gesture for this inconvenience.