Netflix and Crave TV on Blue Sky

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I have been running two systems at home over the past year partly because of evolving technologies and because I was unsure which was the best way to go as far as an all in one tv viewing solution.


Specifically I am referring to Apple TV and Blue Sky. After using both systems I have determined they both have their strengths however BlueSky appears to have shown more capabilities as far as integrating content sources using my current hardware (Apple TV v3 and BlueSky gear from last year).


This weekend after getting some feed back from my wife about her confusion finding Crave TV and Netflix titles, where are the shows located? Apple TV or Blue Sky? Also, because I don’t have the latest versions of Apple TV (voice search enabled) It dawned on me that it was time to use the hardware I had and move Netflix and Crave TV onto BlueSky along with all the other content that comes with the platform, ultimately leveraging the search capabilities of BlueSky.

The move didn’t come without some problems but that’s another issue. At least now Netflix, Crave TV, VOD, Movie Central, HBO and PVR are all available on one platform and a pretty good bundle price.


Apple TV is still in use but only for YouTube and some Apple centric capabilities. The V3 hardware is pretty limited and doesnt even give us access to Apple Music, we need V4 hardware for that. So BlueSky has won out in our household for now. The biggest feature, integrating all (or most) of our content options into one platform which should be convenient and a little less confusing.


Update: After some sort of glitch occurring while adding Crave TV to our BlueSky account, we experienced a total freeze of our BlueSky account. This resulted in a few days of lost TV and PVR recordings. After much help from Shaw tech support, including a site visit, everything seems to be running well now. Crave TV and Netflix are where they are supposed to be and the BlueSky search features seems to be running properly.


Netflix is only linked to BlueSky, payment is still done directly to Netflix. Netflix can be viewed within BlueSky. This method give full voice search capabilities. There is also a Netflix app found in the BlueSky app section. This method does not retain the voice search capabilities of Blue Sky.


Crave TV on the other hand is added into the BlueSky lineup at a reduced price. Payment is through Shaw as part of the monthly fees. Crave TV in this method retains full search functions of BlueSky. There are detailed posts on the arrangements for both Netflix and Crave TV. 


A year ago I wouldn’t have made this call. Shaw had abandoned IPTV and was licensing X1 technology from Comcast. Apple TV was making some serious inroads into TV including live TV. However none of that has materialized and BlueSky came in and has been working very well(notwithstanding this latest glitch I encountered). Cudos to Shaw for their continued development of BlueSky.