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When will Shaw Fix the Internet in Manitouwadge?

Question asked by kanehart on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by smellyh

I live in a small town off Highway 17 and then down Highway 614 called Manitouwadge. Towns Postal Code P0T-2C0


Sadly your main line is on Highway 17 but no one has ever bothered bring it into the Town. So what happens is there is a Microwave Link setup from Marathon to Manitouwadge and as far as I know oddly enough being so close there is a 2nd Tower in between the towns.


So the understanding for the last couple of years not Months but the town has over saturated the Microwave Links. There is also rumor not sure if true or not but one of the Microwave Links had broken in the last year or so.


This ends up causing us to have about a 10% packet loss sometimes worse and sometimes better. Normally I get 500ms ping up to 2000ms ping. I also end up with random cable modem drop outs. I would say normally we get about 0.5 to 3.0 down speeds but never stable ever.


This has made most peoples complaints to Shaw 90% about Netflix buffering issues. The town is suppose to be getting at least 15/1.5 speeds with 150gig cap. Yeah a bit sad there. 


We have not been able to play any video games online or use things that require a steady and low ping. Makes working on my servers via SSH even very difficult at times. 


We hear there might be update this Spring but I'm tired of half facts and nothing directly from the company. We have 2,000 people and about 800 homes in the town. You are making at least $15-20k a Month from our town yet you don't actually hold your end of the bargain including false advertisement. 


It has gotten so bad that social media Shaw accounts ignore my questions. We are ending up pleading with the town to start CRTC investigations over this. 


Will you finally give us a Set date on when you will upgrade our Network / Fix it. Tell us the date you expect it to be done and what will it bring our community and be a bit more open and honest and transparent? 




I also made a little picture I tried to get some answers on twitter.