Bring back [reliable] service outage notifications via email?

Discussion created by michael_carlione on Apr 20, 2018

Many years ago, Shaw subscribers would receive an email regarding an upcoming outage or service interruption(s). These emails were very specific to the individual customer based on the customer's node.  


Now, Shaw has put the onus on the customer to search or find potential outages. Not only is this illogical, the customer has to do the work and ask himself, when is the next outage going to affect me? Additionally, most of the time, the outages or service interruptions are quite generic and usually don't affect everyone on the "hit" list.  Should you follow the alerts from the Shaw community forum or site, you always get inundated with alerts. In my experience, they were usually nothing more than a "cry wolf" scenario.


Can Shaw tech support managers wake up and smell the coffee and evolve the customer communication highway instead of making the road full of bumps and obstacles?