BlueSky Main Terminal  showing error XRE-00250

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On our return from Easter long weekend low and behold none of our BlueSky terminals are working. Making matters worse, appears we have lost all the PVR recordings stored on the terminal. This happened twice before with Gateway and it always seemed to be over a long weekend.  The support tech advised it appears a Crave TV add on became stuck in the cue somehow disabling my account, all the TVs in the house and PVR recordings. 


I had Crave TV sitting on Apple TV so adding Crave TV (like Netflix) to BlueSky was supposed to make voice search via BlueSky more unified. Good idea in theory. I will save this aspect of the discussion to, another topic BlueSky v Apple TV.


Waiting on technical support to show up at the house after three days of no TV, as the usual, over the phone troubleshooting did not work. 




After a visit from a very helpful Shaw technician he did a few things with the network and seemed to get things going again, however the system was backlogged for provisioning our devices. We agreed to keep an eye on the progress and check back.


After four hours the process appears locked again resulting in another call to Shaw. After another round of troubleshooting attempts at a factory reset, the system stayed lock. The phone technician advised he was going to escalate the matter further as the problem appeared to be network based.


In the morning and much to my surprised the Blue Sky was up and running with everything intact including Crave TV. Appears something came in stuck. 


After a a couple more hours the occasional message continued to pop up stating there is still more downloading to be done. Error code XRE- 03121


As as an aside the PVR list of shows to be recorded remained but the actual shows to date were lost. 


Not sure if allowed but I moved my comments about PVR and cloud based PVR to a new post to keep this unusual experience separate.


All the tech support folks have been very helpful during this head scratcher of an issue.