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How to re-send subscription e-mail?

Question asked by kazinator on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by shaw-ken

I'm trying to create that new Shaw ID.


I put in my e-mail address, and it sent some e-mail there which got eaten by a spam filter.


The pop-up dialog prompt for creating the new account isn't appearing any more; it seems to be a one-shot. Is there some URL to go to this workflow directly to repeat it, to have the confirmation mail re-sent?


(I normally don't receive Shaw notifications like monthly on the e-mail address I'm subscribing with; they go to a different configured address which is whitelisted.)


Can I sign up with this whitelisted e-mail address and then change it to a human-readable one suitable for login without having to confirm that readable one through e-mail verification (which it won't pass due to spam filtering)?