No Secondary IP for Arris XB6

Discussion created by pixielark on Apr 13, 2018
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So I switched from Hitron to the New Arris XB6 last week in order to escape the Puma 6 issue and get IPv6


First of all I just want to let everyone know that the Arris XB6 is Puma 7 based so the Puma 6 issue is NOT completely resolved but it's much much better now (run puma 6 test on dslreport still does not give me solid green, most of the runs will have 1-2 TCP request time goes to 100-200ms)


But what bugs me the most is not to have the secondary IP available for XB6

On the old Hitron I can request secondary IP so the Hitron will serve my tenants and secondary IP from IP pass-through will service my own router, so me and my tenants are physically seperated


When I switch my service I specifically asked if secondary IP is available for XB6 or not, and the representative told me YES.


Turns of it's only a half "YES", Shaw will still be able to provision the secondary IP, but since the XB6 has IPv6 now, the provision failed because they do not support provision the secondary IPv6, and there is simply no IP pass-through function on the XB6 available as well.


The tech who helped me to provision the secondary IP was pretty honest about this and said he does not know if Shaw will fix this issue or not, since Shaw on the website, is not advertising the secondary IP anymore, and they do not have enough customer demand for this. He offered me to switch back to Hitron but I said no.


Since there is no one talk about this on the entire Internet, I just want to share it here so people who need to utilize the secondary IP will not request for the XB6 by accident.


I solved my problem by enable guess network on my router, but it's software separation not hardware anymore.