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Theme packs and bundles

Question asked by nanuuk on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by shaw-don

Hello. I have searched this forum and haven't spotted the answer to my question so apologies if you've answered this before. Currently I have Popular TV and the old movie package. My rates are going up (again) and I find myself in the position of wanting to cut back something to even out the increase.


The Shaw Small TV Bundle offers basic channels and 5 theme packs. I have a couple of questions.


1) Does a large them pack, e.g. large entertainment 1, that is comprised of three smaller sets of channels constitute 1 Theme Package for this bundle or 3?


2) I did not notice TSN on your pick and pay list. Is it available?


3) If I chose TSN and SportsNet from pick and pay, would it be $3 per channel or 2 channels for $4? 


Thanks in advance for your response.