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DPC3848V port forwarding from and external address, or IP passtrough

Question asked by echo23bravo on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by shaw-ken

I'm doing some development of IOT devices and I need to expose them to the internet for testing, and allowing access to colleagues.  The DPC3848V requires an external IP to forward ports to the device on my LAN.  This is tedious since I have to update the external ip to my friends dynamic address all the time, and when he switches devices.  The DPC3848V won't let me leave the external IP field blank, and setting it to doesn't work either.  How do I set port forwarding to allow any external IP?


Better yet would be giving it it's own IP with IP Passthrough, but this doesn't work. I'm guessing that residential accounts don't have a 2nd IP assigned?