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Issues with streaming to Twitch TV

Question asked by austin_t1 on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by shaw-lance

I love streaming and a couple of days ago this was not an issue and now it is. Low bitrate and it is constantly unstable. Something about shaw and streaming just doesn't work together. I had called in two days ago and had my router revised and everything was good. I switched to this internet from telus thinking it would be the best for streaming but oh man did I think wrong. (Im running the 150 package.) Everyone keeps on saying its the routing and I'm not a network technician but I know this a problem for many people and its very annoying.


Screen shots of issues:


Screenshot - ec40a68b9eefa364c81207556e7c7526 - Gyazo 


Screenshot - 25684170e37e1ae28646e8a53197c2d0 - Gyazo