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2018 Limited TV Changes

Question asked by 7825 on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by zimou13


I just recently noticed this - 2018 | Upcoming Channel Changes 


While It's great that CTV News, Much Music, and E channel are all included in SD in that package now, I am curious how long is this for? I see in the wording it says "temporarily added" - so do you know how long we will get these channels for?


Also I noticed that I lost my Game Show Network channel and apparently you can only get it in a pick n pay channel now? I also notice that I am going to lose Investigation Discovery on May now if I want those two channels I have to pay an additional $6 per month when I had them in my theme groups previously.... Not too impressed. 


Finally I see that "select limited tv services" will get TSN and Sportsnet free as well...... What cities are included in that? 


Thanks in advance