Can't login My Shaw iOs app on iPad Pro 9.7

Discussion created by muse2u on May 4, 2018

The My Shaw iOS app gui was obviously designed for running on an iPhone screen and not the larger iPad version. Trying to login to the account brings up the iPad iOS keyboard which blocks the lower half of the app window. The only thing you can enter is the My Shaw id. There appears to be no easy way to enter the password. You can't tab to the password field. And even if you could, you are filling the field blind because the keyboard is covering the field. Has anyone got a workaround. The app works fine on my iPhone, but is not practical for using as a Shaw Chat device because of the small screen and keyboard. Trying to carry on a technical conversation on a telephone is difficult enough. Doing that on a small phone screen, using a miniscule keyboard, fat fingering and subject to  wacky auto-correction, makes Chat use too difficult. The iPad offers the opportunity to have a larger keyboard.


If Shaw does not develop an iPad version of the app with the correct gui aspect ratio, the only option that I can think of, but an onerous one for use with a single app, is to attach a bluetooth keyboard to the Apple devices and suppress the iOS keyboard.