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400 Error on login

Question asked by mlpullan on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by shaw-tony


A while back I had a second email address which I believe was an alias to my main email address. In any event, I recently noticed that it was no longer sending email to my main email address. I logged into My Shaw (and had to convert my ID in the process) and noticed that the second email address was simply shown as an email address. So, I changed the password on it and attempted to sign into it and got the following response:


Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason:

    account is not active:{deleted}
Note: where it shows {deleted} it was actually my secondary email account but I changed it
for anti spam reasons.
I waited for a day just in case it might take time to activate after changing the password
but it did not. How can I get this email address back as active?