Internet service going down above 28C?

Discussion created by chicocanada on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by shaw-jason

If your internet service is going down every 10 minutes or so when it's above 28C outside, odds are you have the same problem I did and do all over again.


My Shaw cabinet in the street is in the sun mid day and when and only when the temperature outside goes above 28C my internet service drops for 2-5 minutes and it happens ever 10-15 minutes while it's above 28C. After two years of complaining and many calls with level 1 telling me to reboot my modem and brushing me off, pushing and insisting, they transferred me to level 2 support (the qualified team) and they understood what I was explaining and noticed they could not reach my neighbours modem either, which are connected to the same cabinet in the street. They sent a truck and they replaced a part in the cabinet within the hour. An instant fix 2 years of complaining and unlimited headaches as I work from home. This was 2 years ago.


Today, temperature rose above 28C outside today and here we go all over again