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Am I the only one with PVR space issues?

Question asked by slk on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by red90

I don't know what the bleep is going on but for the past few months the Gateway/Arris is driving me totally insane. I'm constantly missing shows because the scheduler doesn't actually show all the shows I have space for. All my shows are programmed to record as series. Every single day I have to go through and make sure they are actually in the scheduler. No time conflicts or anything but some shows will be missing - go to the guide find the show hit record and it will appear in the schedule to record. Nothing replaced etc. Other times I will be close to running out of space watch an hour to make room - no room made - watch another hour - still no future shows appear in the scheduler. Should have at least 2 hours worth of space right? You would think but noooooooooo heaven forbid the Arris could get its act together and add two more programs. But wait it gets better. Watch another 1/2 hour show and boom 8 hours of future programs show up in the scheduler. Other times, I'll notice something isn't recording, check the schedule - it's empty - go to the guide, hit record - starts recording and boom 10 hours of programming show up in the scheduler. I'm SO SICK of babysitting this stupid box everyday. So sick of Arris. It's absolute b.s. Good thing I can't afford vacations - who knows what I'd miss. GRRRRRRRRR.