Requesting agent PM pls

Discussion created by gamerguy on May 14, 2018
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I'll try to bullet point my issues/actions rather than type up the long post I intended.


For the last year and half or so I lose internet and must reboot my hardware.

Oddly over the 5-6 times it's happened it's the same, it lasts 4-5 days.

I might get 20 minutes, or 6+ hours before I lose it again but it goes. It's frustrating!!

Then out of nowhere it stops and I might get 1-3 months issue free but then it comes back again, for 4-5 days. It's weird.

I've done everything hardware wise on my end to resolve including exchanging the Hitron just yesterday.


So far, so good. (But I'm not holding my breath.)


So when I went to pick up the Hitron and hinted at compensation, I was encouraged to just that. So, here I am.


Thanks in advance.


Oh, and still no complaints about speed!! Still quite happy in that regard, when I'm not having connection issues...


*facetious grin*