Wi Fi Security

Discussion created by techid1 on May 4, 2018

We hear a lot of talk about wi-fi security these days.  Network security.  People using the internet to send spam and get copyrighted content, etc.  Making sure to have encrypted wi-fi and protecting our computers.


So I am wondering what in the world is the logic of installing home Wi-FI with the SSID being the SURNAME and the password being the PHONE NUMBER?


Does anyone else see a problem with this?


SHAW -  WHY are your installers doing this?  I can change mine, but when you are doing this to 80 year old people and it has to be explained to them how the "Shaw guy" did something very inadvisable, it is difficult to explain.


Do you think that this is any type of security?  It is beyond mindless.  Change your policy.  I just can't believe the stupidity of it all.