Shaw tech came to fix the internet but broke it instead

Discussion created by frustratedcustomer on May 5, 2018
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I've been having internet upload speed issues intermittently since November 2017, and it got so bad this week that I decided to call Shaw for a tech to come in to fix the issue, since attempting to fix it over the phone has proved ineffective every time.


The tech showed up on Friday night, nearly an hour late from the initial estimated time. He took a look inside and eventually informed me that a splitter was most likely causing the issue. After removing the splitter however, the tech said that for some inexplicable reason, the main line was no longer giving him a signal, and thus there was no internet.


He spent another half an hour attempting to find the solution but at this point I was already late for an appointment and thus had to leave the house. So we ended up with a "fix" that completely shut the internet down for the entire weekend, as the tech explained that we wouldn't be able to get another person to come take a look until Monday morning.


I called Tech Support on the phone again next morning and all I got was "we'll look into it and get back to you". What are my options at this point? Needless to say, this is beyond frustrating and demoralizing to go from a connection that is at least workable to being stuck with a completely non-functional internet for the weekend. My wife runs a streaming business as well so she had to cancel all of her weekend schedules already. She's heavily suggesting that we switch providers because of this horror story and frankly I can't find it in me to disagree with her even after being with Shaw for more than 10 years. Apologies for any grammar mistakes as I typed this out on my phone.