unresolved blues sky bugs

Discussion created by mikejbc on May 22, 2018
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i have had ongoing problems with my blue sky box:

1) i have a series recording set to only record new episodes and the pvr records some repeat episodes.

2) the pvr forgets to record a scheduled show

3) sometimes you cannot watch a show that has been recorded, there is no "watch"option

4) i accidentally canceled a series recording for a show, when i tried to reset the series recording it would not do it.

it would only allow me to do a one time recording, i could set a series recording for any other show, just not that one.

5) when i delete a show off the pvr,it takes 10 mins or so to actually get off the list.


every time i talk to someone at shaw they tell me "this is new technology". that is bs because this technology has been around for more than five years.comcast developed this technology and sold it to shaw, but people at shaw do not have the expertise to understand it. in addition to the above listed bugs,the box occasionaly loses its connection to shaw and then you cannot change channels, pull up the guide or do anything. this is truly pathetic!!! if shaw cannot handle this they should get out of the tv game and allow rogers to take over in b.c.